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I have previously written about timing being a success factor. Many mobile entrepreneurs are so absorbed in their ideas that they rarely ask ‘Is it the right time?’. Success ends up depending on fortuitous timing rather than being part of any strategy. It doesn’t have to be this way. Turn things around. Instead of thinking of potential ideas, think what problems might need to be solved in a few years time. Project technical and market considerations into the future and work out what ideas might be more applicable at that time rather than at the moment. During the intervening time, become a thought leader in that ‘problem’ so that if and when it becomes mainstream you will be the one to whom everyone turns. I have been involved with a few endeavors such as this and the main problem is one of balancing the ‘here and now’ with effort on some future issue/problem that might not come to pass. It’s hard to motivate people when there’s no perceived need now. The other problem, especially with mobile, is that predicting a few years out can be very difficult. I know of several longer term ideas/efforts that have been thwarted by disruptive changes in network operator or OEM handset priorities. This tends to suggest that any ideas for the future might best be operator or platform agnostic.

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